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Here's how a Bail Bond works:

Someone is arrested and let's say their bail is set at $10,000. Bail bond companies charge an industry standard 10% fee that is regulated by the Department of Insurance. The fee for a $10,000 bail bond would be $1,000. We call that fee the bail bond premium and you do not get that back. Depending on the charge, bail amount, and credit worthiness of the defendant and the indemitor, it may or may not be necessary for us to collect collateral. Collateral is a physical guarantee that the person will appear in court. Collateral may include but is not limited to credit cards, cash, or a deed of trust. After the defendant has appeared at all of their court dates and the premium has been paid in full, the collateral will be returned to the person that deposited it. Once we've filled out the paper work and the indemnitor has signed all the necessary documents we head directly to jail to post the bail bond.

Before the jail will begin processing our bail bond the person arrested must have a warrant check. Unfortunately this can take between 2-8 hours from the time the arrestee is booked in. Once the warrant check has been cleared, a local police station will take about 30 minutes to an hour to release the arrestee. Larger facilities like a county jail will take substantially longer. Los Angeles county jail in downtown for example will take anywhere from 4-8 hours to release an inmate. Keep in mind that release times vary from jail to jail and unforeseen circumstances such as understaffing, a high volume of new bookings, or even a jail lockdown will extend the release time. Our years of experience and familiarity with the booking and release process will enable us to give you a better estimate of the release time when it comes time to bail out your loved one.

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